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If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to break free from drug or alcohol addiction, it may comfort you to know that you’re not the only one. Many people try various addiction treatment methods but keep relapsing. More often than not, it’s because they’ve yet to get help from the right alcohol and drug rehab in Santa Rosa.

As you may already know, not all addiction recovery services in Santa Rosa, CA, are created equal. Successful treatment heavily depends on finding a facility that offers the right environment and treatment program for your needs. Pura Vida Recovery Services provides a serene and comfy environment for all patients, and we explore outdoor therapy as a core part of our treatment programs. Below is a highlight of what outdoor therapy entails and its benefits.

What is outdoor therapy?

Outdoor therapy is an addiction treatment method that encourages patients to participate in the adventure and team-building activities such as biking, climbing, boating, etc. Professional therapists supervise the treatment, and the participants get to build their self-confidence and discuss their emotions and reactions throughout the activities.

What are the benefits of outdoor therapy?

Provides a sense of purpose: Many people struggling with addiction often find it challenging to find a purpose outside of drug use. Being part of group activities such as boating and rock climbing can improve their sense of purpose because they’ll feel more connected to the tasks at hand. Even if they have no interest in meeting new people, they’ll easily find themselves warming to some of their group members.

A channel for positive energy: One of the hallmarks of addiction is that the individual no longer enjoys activities they used to derive pleasure in. With outdoor therapy, patients can find new hobbies and go back to enjoying regular activities other than drug use. Finding a new way to channel their energy is critical to the recovery process as well as post-recovery.

Improves physical health: As you may already know, your physical health is closely linked with your psychological health. When you work on improving your physical health, your self-esteem and sense of confidence will also get a boost. Incorporating outdoor therapy as part of your alcohol rehabilitation program near Santa Rosa helps you achieve this.

What are the outdoor activities on offer at Pura Vida Recovery Services?

Our treatment centers in Santa Rosa offer a range of outdoor activities to facilitate our patients’ healing. Some of them include:

  • Rock climbing
  • Beach activities
  • Hiking
  • Wakeboarding
  • Ropes courses

Get in touch with our Santa Rosa Drug Rehab

At Pura Vida Recovery Services, we offer evidence-based outpatient addiction treatment and structured sober living for people struggling with addiction. We have various structured programs to help our clients overcome substance use disorder and stay true to their sobriety vows. Importantly, our services are as affordable as they get, and our clients can progress towards freedom from drugs and alcohol in a friendly environment and tight-knit community. Call us at 707-879-8432 to get support or find out more about our treatment center in Santa Rosa.

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