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Transitional Young Adult Addiction Treatment

Pura Vida is excited to announce the launch of this residential program for clients ages 18 to 28.

Young adults and transitional youth face a unique set of challenges. Societal pressures and modern technology can make the prospect of committing to recovery seem impossible.

We have developed a treatment track for this demographic that directly addresses many of these challenges. In addition to our comprehensive addiction treatment program, clients on this track will be exposed to the following:[/center]


  • Identifying Interests and Goals
  • Practical Application and Action Steps
  • GED Registration/Continuation
  • Higher Education Orientation/Registration
  • Vocational Training Orientation/Registration
  • Vocational Training Scholarships
  • Paying for Education – Scholarships and Funding

Career Development

  • Identifying Interests and Goals
  • Practical Application and Action Steps
  • Resume Writing and Interview Skills
  • Job Market Analysis
  • Getting a Job vs. Starting a Career
  • Work Life Balance in Early Recovery
  • Setting Realistic Career Goals

Physical Fitness

  • Exercise 5 days/week
  • Daily Physical Activity – Indoor and Outdoor
  • Private Exercise Classes

Tech Addiction and Digital Health

  • How to Use Social Media Responsibly
  • Understanding the Pitfalls of Over Use
  • How Social Media Can Affect Mental Health

Recreation Therapy

  • How to Have Fun in Recovery
  • Utilizing Your Support System for Recreation
  • Weekly Recreational Activities Include: Rock Climbing, Ropes Course, Beach Day, Bowling, Zip Line Park, Sports, and More!

Reintegration and Support Systems

  • How to Develop a Healthy Support System
  • Young Peoples Self Help Communities
  • Balancing Recovery with: Career, Education, Relationships, Physical and Mental Well-Being
  • Family Social Dynamics

Accreditations & Memberships

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