For years, conversations about rehab treatment centers in Santa Rosa have been taboo, which means that even today, there are still many unresolved questions among people who need professional help to overcome their addictions.

Having as much information as possible is crucial for you to make the best decision when we are talking about a matter as important as getting addiction recovery services in Santa Rosa, CA.

In this section, you will find the most frequently asked questions among our patients and their families.

Let’s get started.

I have a family member who is addicted. What can I do?

Go to a professional specialized in drug rehab in Santa Rosa. At Pura Vida Recovery Services, we work with a diversity of approaches and formats, respecting the dignity of the person and safeguarding patient confidentiality. We know that it is a difficult path that requires great courage and strength, but we are sure that you deserve to be well and that we can achieve it together.

Is hospitalization necessary?

Not all cases of drug or alcohol addiction require the patient to be hospitalized. Everything will depend on the degree of dependence on the substance that has developed. The safest thing to do is always make a professional assessment that will allow us to make an accurate diagnosis and outline a personalized treatment plan.

What does the treatment consist of?

We start from the premise that substance abuse is a complex disease that requires a set of therapeutic strategies from different health professions.

The Pura Vida Recovery Services program is a comprehensive program that has proven effective for several years and multiple patients with different characteristics because it can address addiction in different formats and approaches. The variety of our approach has made us one of the benchmarks for alcohol and drug rehab in Santa Rosa.

How long does treatment last?

One of the most frequently asked questions from those seeking alcohol rehabilitation programs near Santa Rosa is about the length of treatment, and in this section, multiple answers depending on the type of service the patient ends up receiving, as well as the complexity of their case.

Direct consultation with our professionals can provide clarity on the length of treatment for specific cases.

What does your therapy for family members consist of?

The family, the couple, or the people with whom the patient lives, are the main support in the recovery process. They must learn to resolve normal conflicts that occur because of the disease, respond in a healthy way to manipulation and blackmail, aggression, and many other forms of behavior, a product of addiction.

What is the goal that is achieved by following your rehabilitation treatment?

A desirable objective achieved through the assistance intervention is that the person remains abstinent from drugs and alcohol, that is, that he/she does not need to consume, addressing his/her dependence both physically and psychologically. There are also treatments in which these goals are not considered, but rather an improvement in the quality of life is pursued, reducing the damage caused by the consumption and the addiction itself, without aiming at abstinence from the substance consumed.

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