Sober living homes provide support and safety for people recovering from substance use disorder. Often, the residents must have completed an inpatient alcohol rehab program and need to live in a substance-free environment while integrating into the world outside. Although there are different providers of sober living services in Santa Rosa, CA. Pura Vida is proud to be one of the leading names in the business. Below are some of the superior benefits of checking into our sober living homes:

Various options to choose from

Pura Vida’s Sober Living Homes comprise:

  • Men’s sober living: Located in Creekside and Royal George
  • Women’s sober living: Located in Robinson and Townview
  • Co-ed sober living: Located in Redwood

All of these homes guarantee a serene and safe environment for people who have just completed alcohol rehabilitation programs near Santa Rosa. Prospective residents can choose to stay in either the mixed, male-only, or female-only homes, and they’ll enjoy the same tight-knit atmosphere and excellent amenities in any of the homes. There are numerous recreational facilities in the homes, and everyone is encouraged to grow in an atmosphere of love while creating meaningful friendships and relationships.

Zero tolerance to substance use

At Pura Vida, we understand that many of our residents have only recently checked out of a Santa Rosa drug rehab. Thus, we stop at no length to ensure we maintain the same drug-free environment they enjoy at their rehabilitation facility. Our residents are mandated to take daily alcohol tests and weekly drug tests; plus, we maintain tight security to discourage anyone from bringing in alcohol and other drugs. You can also rest assured that we do not hesitate to get out the appropriate punishment on anyone found guilty of violating the sober living home regulations.

Regular social events

At our various sober living homes, we believe that recovering from addiction goes beyond abstaining from drugs and alcohol. We strongly believe that if our residents can cultivate relationships and have fun in healthy ways, they are less likely to relapse. Thus, we encourage everyone to have fun as much as possible and engage in activities that may fill any void they have inside. We schedule regular social events for our community members, and we get to spend a lot of time on the boat, especially during the summer months. We also have an outpatient Santa Rosa drug rehab program, albeit in a separate facility.

Get in touch with Pura Vida Recovery Services

Our facility provides evidence-based outpatient addiction treatment and structured sober living for people struggling with addiction. We have various structured programs to help our clients overcome substance use disorder and stay true to their sobriety vows. Importantly, our services are as affordable as they get, and our clients can progress towards freedom from drugs and alcohol in a friendly environment and tight-knit community. Call us at 707-879-8432 to get support or find out more about our treatment center in Santa Rosa.

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