• Dr. Roderick Fontenette, MD
    Dr. Roderick Fontenette, MD
    Medical Director
  • Ann Mendenhall
    Ann Mendenhall
    Physician Assistant
  • Katie Schwimmer PsyD
    Katie Schwimmer PsyD
    Clinical Supervisor
  • Mary Knopf NP
    Mary Knopf NP
    Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Kirsten McMurray
    Kirsten McMurray
    Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee and Residential Treatment Program Director
  • Kate Jehue CADC-I
    Kate Jehue CADC-I
    Outpatient Program Director
  • Michelle Montalbano CADC-I
    Michelle Montalbano CADC-I
    Friends and Family Program Counselor
  • Brianna Diebert CATC-II
    Brianna Diebert CATC-II
  • Candace Morales, CADC-I
    Candace Morales, CADC-I
  • Matthew Winters RADT-I
    Matthew Winters RADT-I
    Director of Operations
  • Jessica Woods RADT-I
    Jessica Woods RADT-I
    Team Lead, Medical Assistant
  • Katharine Wignall, RN
    Katharine Wignall, RN
    Nursing Supervisor
  • Marisa Bradley RN
    Marisa Bradley RN
  • Erica Crean RN
    Erica Crean RN