Each year, millions of people struggle with alcohol or drug addiction. Because addiction is such a complicated disease, it has emerged as an impactful factor on society and our healthcare system in the United States. There is always a large push to help those struggling in their addiction battle. For many, finding a good drug detox in Santa Rosa is the best way to get started.

Santa Rosa Drug Rehab – What Is Detox?

When you look at drugs and alcohol and what they do to the mind, body, and soul, they are essentially poisons. This is why substances like these have a dramatic impact on someone who abuses them. With alcohol and drug detoxification at treatment centers in Santa Rosa, this is the process of detoxing the body of all toxins from alcohol and drug abuse.

A few things the drug detox in Santa Rosa achieves include:

  • Removal of all drug and alcohol toxins
  • Ending physical dependence on substances
  • Withdrawal symptom management
  • Prevention of relapse into drugs and alcohol

The benefits listed make detox a vital part of addiction recovery services in Santa Rosa, also one of the most integral parts of any quality treatment program.

Signing Up For Detox Treatment

You will find that detox is the initial step for many treatment programs, and with good reason. As a stepping stone for recovery, it helps the addict move forward into the next steps of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs near Santa Rosa. Keep in mind that detox alone is not usually enough for someone to get and remain sober. It takes work and moving through the program to address all co-occurring disorders and fully recover.

The other aspects that must get addressed when someone is in alcohol and drug rehab in Santa Rosa include:

  • Lifestyle
  • Mental health
  • Trauma
  • The lingering impact of substances on physical well-being
  • Monitoring and aftercare to prevent relapse

Any good treatment center will tell you that the road to recovery is long, and it begins with a solid plan. Once you arrive for treatment, you will go through the intake process to learn more about your history of use, the length of time you have been using, and the severity. During this time, you will also be evaluated for any underlying conditions so that you can have a tailored plan for drug and alcohol treatment. Doing so will help set you up with a solid foundation for the tools and skills you need to succeed.

Why Visit Pura Vida Recovery Services?

Here at Pura Vida Recovery Services, we have a diverse team ready to give you the support and compassion that you need as you work on regaining your life. We understand that detoxification and recovery are difficult, but we are here to assist as you meet all of the challenges.

Are you ready to enter into alcohol and drug detox in Santa Rosa so that you can get your life back and focus on wellness and a life free of substances? Get in touch with us for support at Pura Vida Recovery services to learn about applying for a scholarship by calling (707) 879-8432.

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