Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Santa Rosa

Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Santa Rosa

Addiction Treatment in Santa Rosa

At Pura Vida Recovery Services, we provide comprehensive addiction treatment in Santa Rosa, CA, tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Our program is rooted in the belief that lasting sobriety is achievable through a holistic approach that includes not only addressing the physical aspects of addiction but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual components.

Alcohol Rehab Centers in Santa Rosa

We stand out as one of the leading alcohol rehab centers in Santa Rosa, offering a range of services designed to support individuals on their journey to recovery. Our team of licensed professionals is dedicated to delivering compassionate, evidence-based treatment to help you achieve freedom from alcohol.

Drug Rehab Facilities in Santa Rosa

Our drug rehab facilities in Santa Rosa are equipped with the latest in addiction treatment technology and staffed by experienced professionals. Whether you’re battling an addiction to opioids, stimulants, or other substances, we provide the care and support necessary to overcome addiction.

Inpatient Rehab Programs in Santa Rosa

Comprehensive Care and Support

For those requiring a more immersive treatment experience, our inpatient rehab programs in Santa Rosa offer a secure and supportive environment to focus on recovery. With round-the-clock care and a structured program, we help individuals build a solid foundation for sobriety.

Outpatient Rehab Services in Santa Rosa

Flexibility and Accessibility

Our outpatient rehab services in Santa Rosa provide a flexible option for those seeking recovery while maintaining their daily commitments. We offer various levels of care, including intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs, to accommodate different needs and schedules.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Santa Rosa

Understanding the connection between mental health disorders and substance abuse is crucial in addiction treatment. Our dual diagnosis treatment in Santa Rosa addresses co-occurring conditions, ensuring a comprehensive approach to recovery that tackles the root causes of addiction.

Substance Abuse Counseling in Santa Rosa

Substance abuse counseling is a cornerstone of our program, offering individuals the opportunity to explore the underlying issues contributing to their addiction. Our counselors provide guidance, support, and strategies for managing cravings and avoiding relapse.

Recovery Support Groups in Santa Rosa

Building a supportive community is essential for lasting recovery. Our recovery support groups in Santa Rosa offer a space for individuals to share their experiences, challenges, and successes with others on similar journeys, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support.

Holistic Therapies for Addiction in Santa Rosa

  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Yoga and Physical Fitness
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Art and Recreational Therapy

Our holistic therapies for addiction in Santa Rosa are designed to promote healing on all levels, supporting mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. We believe that incorporating these practices into your recovery process can enhance resilience and improve overall quality of life.

Aftercare Programs for Addiction in Santa Rosa

Transitioning back to daily life after treatment can be challenging, which is why our aftercare programs for addiction in Santa Rosa are designed to provide ongoing support. From alumni groups and sober living arrangements to vocational support, we’re committed to helping you maintain sobriety long after leaving our program.

At Pura Vida Recovery Services, we’re dedicated to offering affordable, evidence-based addiction treatment in a supportive community environment. Our goal is to help individuals achieve freedom from drugs and alcohol while promoting a joy for living. If you or a loved one is seeking help for addiction, we’re here to provide guidance and support every step of the way.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Santa Rosa

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