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Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Santa Rosa

The decision to begin recovery is a personal choice, and each person has their own story and reason for choosing sobriety. While your story and reasons are highly unique, you may share some commonalities with others that are also deciding to quit. You may not know where to begin, what to expect, or how to find the right alcohol treatment for you in Santa Rosa, CA.

Here we’ll cover the variety of features you can find in a recovery center and what you can expect from alcohol and drug rehab in Santa Rosa.

Features of Alcohol and Drug Recovery Services

A quick search on the internet, and you’re likely to pull up a lot of treatment programs and approaches. It can easily get overwhelming if unfamiliar with the variety of Santa Rosa rehab services available.

Let’s go over some features you can find in an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center.

Evidence-based Rehab Services

Because of the individual complexity of addiction, holistic, evidence-based treatment can be an effective measure to help overcome drug and alcohol addiction. But what exactly does ‘evidence-based’ mean? Evidence-based addiction treatment has shown positive effects in a variety of settings. Rather than someone’s idea, theory, or opinion, evidence-based practice is backed with a significant amount of data. Because of its nature, it can evolve as new research emerges.

Some practices you may see in evidence-based treatment programs include cognitive- behavioral therapy, tailored approach to a dual diagnosis (Co-occurring mental health disorder and substance abuse), trauma recovery, and relapse prevention. During treatment, your provider may prescribe medication in combination with behavioral therapy.

Outpatient or Inpatient Addiction Treatment

You’ve likely heard of outpatient and inpatient alcohol and drug rehab in Santa Rosa. Understanding their differences and advantages can help guide your decision. The best drug rehab for you largely relies on the level of dependency on the substance and your personal goals for treatment.

Outpatient therapy offers flexibility and allows you to maintain many of your day-to-day activities. While in outpatient rehab, you can remain at home and travel to the facility a predetermined number of days per week. Individual and group counseling during treatment helps people overcome substance dependance and reach recovery.

Inpatient rehab services offer a more intensive approach and can provide more support to those struggling with severe addiction. Offered short or long term, residential rehab facilities can help patients detox safely under medical care and provide round-the-clock care. As the name implies, inpatient care is a more structured approach than outpatient and you can expect to take a leave from your home, school, or job.

Medication Assisted Detox

Detoxification is the first step in any treatment modality. For some individuals, medical management may become necessary to minimize the discomfort and potentially dangerous effects of withdrawal.

Depending on the type of substance, withdrawal side effects can include anxiety, depression, agitation, nausea, and headache. More serious effects may include hallucinations, body aches, vomiting, seizures, or delirium tremens (DT). DT’s may increase blood pressure and heart rate. These complications pose a risk and can place individuals in a dangerous situation.

Family Support

Family support can play a significant role in helping individuals overcome alcohol or drug abuse and addiction. For many families, uncertainty and lack of knowledge forms a barrier to understanding. Loved ones want to provide care and support but can often feel as though they are doing it all wrong or not even sure where to begin.

You can often find support for families and friends at treatment centers. Services such as family counseling and referral sources can extend the benefits of rehab for both the individual and family.

Recreational Therapy

Sobriety can bring a lot of mixed messages. The increased stamina, energy, and joy feel great. But a hollow, sinking feeling can also exist. With alcohol and drugs out of the picture, many in recovery are unsure what to do for fun.

Fun and pleasure are possible! With treatment, individuals can relearn recreation skills within a safe space. During treatment, you can expect to learn how you can socialize with others and experience life drug-free.

Recreational therapy may include activities like hiking, rock climbing, or wake boarding. Activities like these can help beat boredom, promote a healthy lifestyle, and create an enriched, satisfying life.


Building life skills that can help you reintegrate after treatment are an essential component to alcohol and drug rehab in Santa Rosa. This can look different for each person but may include career development and interview skills or fitness and cooking classes.

Addressing social, emotional, vocational, and educational needs can help individuals start off sobriety on the right foot. These can help safeguard recovery.

Pura Vida Recovery Services

Pura Vida Recovery Services is a drug rehab and alcohol rehab center in Santa Rosa CA. We help men and women find joy in life through evidence-based drug and alcohol treatment. Contact to learn more about our outpatient and day treatment programs.

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