How long do people live in the SLE, and can you stay in an SLE after you have graduated the treatment program?

Our average length of stay is 8 months. Most of the time, people complete the treatment program, and remain a resident of one of our homes while they work or go to school. We have many residents who reside in one of our homes for longer than a year.

What are the requirements to live in one of the sober living houses in Santa Rosa, CA?

Remain clean & sober, work a program of recovery (AA, NA, Refuge Recovery & Life Ring), abide by house rules and other policies and procedures, curfew, chores, house meetings, plus regular and frequent drug and alcohol testing.

Can I bring my car?

Yes, you can use your vehicle while living at our sober living homes.

I don’t have a car, how would I get from my sober living house to my treatment program?

Pura Vida provides free Lyft and Uber rideshare rides for our clients to/from our treatment facility for groups and 1:1 counseling appointments.

Are visitors allowed at the sober living homes?

Yes, as long as you get it approved by your house manager in advance and it’s between 10:00 AM & 10:00 PM.  Visitors are expected to follow the rules that are stated in the house.

What are some of the activities that house members do together?

Attend outside recovery meetings, go hiking or to the gym, self-care days, beach, movie nights, BBQs, bowling, etc. We plan an annual camping trip as well as during the summer months, make frequent trips to the lake for boating activities!

What do Pura Vida Sober Living Homes provide?

Pura Vida provides most everything you will need, including linens and towels, pots & pans, washer & dryer, laundry and cleaning supplies, internet, all utilities, cable & internet, coffee, creamer, etc.  Just bring your clothing, personal hygiene toiletries, and food!