There can be a stigma surrounding addiction and alcoholism simply because many people view it as the individual’s problem. The truth is that when anyone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, their entire family circle becomes affected in some way. When you choose a center for alcohol treatment in Santa Rosa, it is best to ensure they offer some level of family support. Good programs will assist everyone involved so that the addict and their loved ones can live more peacefully and start healing. When your loved ones are part of your recovery story, you will help heal the family, put yourself in a position for success, and hopefully prevent relapse once you leave the Santa Rosa drug rehab.

Family Support and Education is Critical

Good alcohol rehabilitation programs near Santa Rosa will tell you how important it is for addicts and their families to learn all about addiction. Whenever someone is going through addiction, family and friends will usually experience a great deal of anger, confusion, distrust, and some level of co-dependency. There could also be a lot of other unhealthy behaviors.

With family group sessions during alcohol treatment in Santa Rosa, family members understand how addiction progresses and what their loved one is going through. This can help the family network understand why their family member does what they do, including actions that seem completely out of their character.

Another factor of family support at treatment centers in Santa Rosa is that it prepares loved ones for what the addict experiences after treatment. There is a misconception that someone would be fully cured once they go through treatment, but it is best to know that recovery is long-term. Even though the person will have reached sobriety when they get home, there could be lingering behaviors. Families will learn through addiction recovery services in Santa Rosa how to support recovery while setting up healthy boundaries.

Why Pure Vida Recovery Services for Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Santa Rosa?

Here are Pure Vida Recovery Services, we take pride in not only providing a beautiful facility for treatment and sober living, but we also work to ensure that your family has the guidance necessary during your recovery. It is important that we get to know you and your loved ones so that we can tailor a treatment plan that will hopefully set you up on a path to success. Just a few of the treatment options that we gear toward family and loved one support includes:

  • Family counseling throughout the recovery process
  • Individualized care, including family sessions
  • Family support groups each week

When it comes to alcohol treatment in Santa Rosa, you deserve nothing but the best so that you can focus on living a life free of addiction. Contact our team today to get support by calling (707) 879-8432, and we can go over treatment and begin the intake process. When you are talking with a team member at Pure Vida Recovery Services, be sure to ask about our scholarships!

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