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Pura Vida Recovery Services Treatment Overview

Pura Vida Recovery Services (PVRS) provides evidence-based outpatient addiction treatment and Sober Living Homes. We provide a holistic approach to care that can address the whole person rather than just the problem of addiction. Since the nature of addiction typically stems from underlying issues, our model takes social, behavioral, educational, vocational, and emotional needs into consideration and develops a customized treatment plan that can best suit the individual.

Types of Treatment Offered

PVRS clients can take advantage of a full line of outpatient programs. Our day program includes a variety of services that can help individuals live a life of joy without the use of drugs or alcohol. From medical detox and therapy to fun social events and learning life skills, the community at Pura Vida Recovery Services offers the support that can make recovery a possibility.

Medical Detoxification

We can offer medical detox to those who need managed care while abstaining. Staffed by medical professionals, patients can receive 24-hour care to ensure a safe, comfortable detox.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

When addiction occurs alongside one or more mental health disorders, we can treat the co-occurring issues through our dual-diagnosis treatment program.

Evidence-Based Treatment Services

PVRS offers evidence-based treatment programs such as Trauma Informed Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Practice, and individual and group therapy. Addiction is not black and white nor is effective treatment. A customized approach to care can offer clients better results.

A Flexible Day Treatment Program

PVRS offers a flexible day treatment schedule that can allow clients to remain in their own home or Sober Living residence and tend to their day-to-day activities such as work and school. The average stay in the treatment program is 4 months but may differ depending on individual needs. An initial assessment can determine the best treatment plan.

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