Pura Vida has partnered a non-profit transportation provider to provide reliable and efficient transportation to individuals committed to long term recovery for substance abuse.

We know our clients cannot succeed without connection to auxiliary needs like school and work, medical and counseling appointments, court hearings and government offices, the DMV, and support groups. RTS makes transportation to vetted partner support services easy and free. With this full circle of support, those in recovery are more likely to succeed – as employees, as parents, as community members, and as healthy individuals.

Through RTS partnerships, both the person recovering and ​the wider community benefit.

Recovery Transportation Systems

Safer Roadways

​Taking drivers off the road that might still be impaired, unlicensed, uninsured or operating unregistered vehicles.

Court System

Making it easy for those in recovery, and in the justice system, to attend court dates and fulfill probation requirements.


​Increased efficiency for employers, court and medical professionals when their employees and clients are on time. Reduces time spent rescheduling critical recovery appointments.

Self Esteem

Supports self esteem for individuals by fulfilling responsibilities and being punctual for appointments. ​