How Fall Can Jumpstart Your Recovery

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We already know Santa Rosa experiences some amazing weather year-round, but there is just something about fall. Whether it’s that crisp feel of the morning air, the anticipation of the holiday season, or reassessing old and new goals for the upcoming new year, fall provides a lot of opportunities that can help jumpstart or maintain your sobriety.

If the dog days of summer have left you in a slump, now is a good time to get out and discover new ways you can meet friends and discover activities that can bring joy.

Trick or Treat

As you know, life is how you frame it and it’s never been a better time to dust off the old or pick up some new adventures that exemplify how you want to live your life at its very best.

So rather than repeat old tricks, take some time to treat yourself with fun and adventure that breaks old habits, all while providing new opportunities for discovery.

You’re already walking a courageous path and want to experience a diversion that you can feel good about. Here, we’ll go over some ways you can get out and experience fresh adventures that can keep your sobriety intact.

Cooking Classes

Eating well is an essential part of the recovery process. If you’re not much of a cook or want to brush up or discover new cuisines, why not sign up for a local cooking class?

Not only can you learn how to make delicious dinners, but you can also sign up with friends, family, or meet some new people who share your love of delicious food.

Sur la Table in Santa Rosa provides a full line-up of cooking classes that can satisfy your inner foodie. From Thai to warming Autumn favorites to French menu favorites, you can take your pick and nourish yourself with newfound culinary skills.

Farm to Table

What pairs best with new cooking skills? Fresh finds from local Famers’ markets. Grab some friends and pull together a memorable dinner menu.

Santa Rosa is fortunate to have access to a number of Farmers’ markets. Many open year-round, you can enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers, all while supporting your local community.

Explore the Arts

The creative arts can provide a space to wind down and fully immerse yourself. Whether it’s writing poetry or short stories or the traditional visual arts, art can bring connection to a disconnected state of mind.

The Sebastopol Center for the Arts provides an art community filled with a variety of classes, events, and lectures. The gallery and studio offer adult classes that you can enjoy over a Saturday afternoon or evening. Many of the lectures are donation only with some affordable colored pencil workshops.

If you’ve taken up bicycling, you can cycle from Santa Rosa to Sebastopol on the Joe Rodota Trail. Running along Highway 12, the trail provides a scenic landscape with a distance of 6.9 miles.

Step into Nature

Step away from it all and visit Trione-Annadel State Park. Here you can bike or hike on scenic trails, go horseback riding, enjoy nature and wildlife, and enjoy a picnic lunch at the vista point. Before heading out, check for restrictions or closures.

Take Pleasure in Your Own Harvest

And don’t forget to treasure your own harvest. That can take shape in many ways and doesn’t require a bucket list or a lot of money. Maybe what feels best right now is a quiet night in catching up on your favorite series, purging out the closet, or refurbishing some second hand finds.

Other ways you can enjoy the changing season is to let fresh air come in through the windows, play some of your favorite music, practice mindfulness through meditation, or do some light stretching or yoga poses.

And some days can feel overwhelming, and you just want to check out for the day. Maybe turn the phone off and take a nap. We all can use days like this from time to time and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with allowing allow yourself rest. The body functions best with some rest and relaxation.

If you find yourself unable to take pleasure in most days or experience strong cravings, check in with a support person. While it’s easy to get lost in our own thoughts and feelings, there are people who want you to experience joy and can help during alcohol or drug recovery. If you feel lost or overwhelmed, remember you are not alone.

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