Discover Joy in Recovery

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Part of every drug and alcohol treatment program is finding joy. Discovering this critical element of life is an essential part of the healing process and one that can help bring you to the place you want to be.

While you may find some steps easier than others, the road to joy may feel like a faraway destination. Finding happiness can feel difficult, especially when expectations lead to disappointment. The good news is that perception can change and open the door to many opportunities, including joy.

Joy can show up in our lives in a number of ways and not always what we expect. For joy, bigger is not always better. People find joy in the smell of puppy breath, the race to finish an ice cream cone before it melts in the sunshine, or the perfect, untouched shell found on a shore. Here, we’ll explore some ways you can replenish joy in your life and feel a greater sense of purpose and content.

5 Ways to Spark Joy in Recovery

The journey of recovery is not all or nothing. For success, you must take the whole person into consideration. Rebuilding joy is the same practice and the following can help you find ways to spark joy in your recovery.

Take an inventory of what makes you happy

This sounds simple, right? But when was the last time you gave a good, long pause to consider what makes you happy? Grab paper and pen or write a note in your device. Jot down quickly, without hesitation. Before long, you can design a list of opportunities to tackle. Whether you want to travel, ride in a hot-air balloon, or finally give kombucha a try, dive headfirst into this list and get happy.

And then do the exact opposite

That’s right, make a list of all the things that make you unhappy. Sure, you can throw folding laundry on the list, but that is likely something you can’t get yourself out of. While you can include the regular everyday stuff you don’t care for, be sure to include the things that really affect your happiness, such as, not remembering what happened the night before, feeling sick or hungover, or blowing money on drugs or alcohol. Include all the no-way’s and refer to both lists from time to time to check in or make changes.

Develop a daily routine

A daily routine can help keep people organized, which can lessen feelings of anxiety. A daily agenda can help with motivation and may help with reducing triggers. This can prove especially beneficial during the early part of recovery, and many keep it up for months and even years.

Discover new interests and hobbies

If you’re having trouble filling your daily routine, consider adding some new fun hobbies to the mix. When under the influence of substance misuse, many people lose sight of their old interests, dreams, and hobbies. Devote some time to remember what that old self wanted and take on some new activities. Take up painting or join an art class, join a weekly meetup group, or join a yoga class. Go where your heart takes you and don’t get discouraged if it’s not what you thought it would be. You only get this one life, so try out new activities that your body and mind can enjoy.

Be gentle on yourself

The act of gentleness can bring joy and a sigh of relief. Substance misuse can bring a lot of negativity and poor self-perception into play. Take the time to get all you can from recovery, and that includes learning more about your true self and how you can honor that person. A lot happens to the body and mind during addiction recovery, and ups and downs are an inescapable part of the journey. Avoid getting buried in the downs. People deserve love and tenderness at all phases of life. Learning to love and value your own feelings and sensations can bring joy.

Find Sobriety and Lasting Joy with Pura Visa Recovery Services

A component of Pura Vida addiction treatment is helping clients reignite a joy for living. With a holistic approach, our trained and dedicated team can design an evidence-based approach that aligns with your needs. With our flexible programs, clients can continue working or attending school while receiving treatment.

Pura Vida Recovery Services provides treatment in several areas including:

  • Methamphetamine
  • Heroin
  • Fentanyl
  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Prescription opioids
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Co-occurring mental health disorders

To learn more about our services and how we can help you or someone you love to overcome drug or alcohol addiction, contact us today. We accept health insurance, provide no interest financing for treatment, offer flexible payment plans, and scholarship opportunities for those who qualify.

Contact Pura Vida Recovery Services for a confidential screening and learn more how our program can help instill a life of joy free from drugs and alcohol.