Benefits of Sobriety During Summer

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Maintaining sobriety over the summer months can present unique challenges. Alcohol is regularly served at graduation parties, summer barbecues, music festivals and other events, which can deter you from attending. You may also be experiencing an increase in triggers and temptation as the sights and smells of summer surround you. 

However, it’s important to view your recovery as an opportunity to LIVE. In fact, focusing on the positives of your recovery can help reinforce your commitment to a healthier, happier lifestyle. And just think—no hangovers and no embarrassing moments that you can’t recall. You get to enjoy summer to the fullest while being in control. 

Let’s discuss the benefits of sobriety over the summer, shifting your thinking to be more positive and supportive of your journey. 

Improved Physical Health

Summer is synonymous with outdoor activities, such as hiking, swimming and cycling. Residents of Santa Rosa are especially fortunate as we’re just 40 minutes from the Pacific Ocean and Bodega Bay. Here, you can enjoy a wide range of activities like whale watching, paddling around the bay and horseback riding. All of these activities are good for your physical health as they get you outdoors, moving and soaking up Vitamin D. Plus, since you won’t be dehydrated or sluggish from drinking, you can push your limits and discover new athletic abilities. 

Enhanced Mental Clarity

Substance use affects the brain, leading to decreased mental clarity. You can probably recall many times when you had trouble remembering information. Now that you are sober, your brain is recovering and your mental clarity is coming back. This allows you to pick up a new hobby or simply enjoy the intricate details of a beautiful sunset over the ocean. Practicing mindfulness meditation can help you enjoy these moments even more. 

Deeper Social Connections

You might think that you’re missing out on having fun with friends, but in reality, you’re building new, healthy relationships. The “friends” you used to hang out with may have seemed like true friends at the time, but it’s possible that you only had substance use in common. Now, you have the opportunity to form deeper relationships with the people who truly love and support you. Better yet, you get to be present in these relationships. 

Better Sleep Quality

Substance use and good sleep don’t happen together. And, once you aren’t sleeping well, you run the risk of many other complications, such as trouble learning, focusing and reacting, mood changes, fatigue, mental health issues, forgetfulness, higher stress levels, weight gain and a weakened immune system. When you do get enough high quality sleep, you avoid these problems and feel like your best self! 

Financial Savings

Another perk to being sober over the summer is that you have more money to put toward the things that better your life! With the money you’re saving, you can plan a getaway, attend a concert, try a new hobby or adventure or simply buy something that brings you joy. You can also put money into your home, fixing it up to create the perfect backyard oasis that’s ideal for reading, journaling and meditation! 

Sober Activities to Enjoy in Santa Rosa, CA

Pura Vida Recovery is conveniently located in Santa Rosa where there are plenty of ways to stay busy and enrich your lifestyle without drugs or alcohol: 

Enjoy a slice of history

Step back in time and explore Santa Rosa’s rich history. You can visit Historic Railroad Square where you’ll find antique shops, coffee houses and restaurants. There are also many wonderful neighborhoods, art districts and historic districts to explore on foot or by bike, such as Cherry Street District, St. Rose District and SOFA Art District. 

Visit museums

The Museum of Sonoma County offers an assortment of art and history with multiple galleries, a sculpture garden, 50+ programs and events and 10-12 changing exhibits each year. There are also local theaters and performing arts centers for more fun, such as the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts and 6th Street Playhouse

Try a safari

Safari West will put you up close to rhinos, giraffes, zebras and wildebeests. There are over 900 animals on over 400 acres of preserves. Aside from group adventures, you can also plan a private safari adventure or spend the night with “glamping” accommodations. 

State parks

There is no shortage of state parks to explore near Santa Rosa. The Trione-Annadel State Park has trails for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. Sonoma Coast State Park is right along the shoreline for an endless array of water activities. You can also see the magnificent redwoods—some are estimated to be 1,400 years old! 

As you can see, enjoying a sober summer is possible. You may need to think outside of the box, tap into new hobbies and expand your social circle, but there are many ways to embrace the summer while maintaining sobriety. And the best part is that you will actually be living! To start your recovery, contact Pura Vida today