Is There an App to Help You Stay Sober?

Is there an app to help you stay sober?
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By now we know the saying… “There’s an App for that”, and people can access a wide variety of apps geared towards sobriety. Whether an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or a combination of both, people at any stage of their sober journey can find an app with tools that can help manage cravings, track the number of sober days, learn about addiction, and connect with others in a sober community.

If you’ve been sober app curious and want to know more about addiction recovery apps, you’re not alone. Many people around the world take advantage of the added support of addiction recovery apps and enjoy the extra support they get right at their fingertips.

5 Popular Addiction Recovery Apps

As you can imagine, you can find a wide variety of recovery apps to download on your smartphone. When choosing the best app for you, consider the types of support you enjoy most and gain most benefit from. For some, daily motivation is essential, and others may find chatting with other members helpful. The best recovery app provides the support tools that can meet your needs. Below you can find some of the most popular apps available for your smartphone.

I am Sober

I am Sober helps people track their sobriety days right down to the second. App users can also build new habits and learn from others in the I am Sober community. With daily motivation and a network of support, people can access daily support and track milestones and even a withdrawal timeline. Cost is free with premium add-ons at different price points.

Sober Grid

Sober Grid features evidence-based tools for addiction recovery and is 100% free. With the app, people can access an online community, peer support coaching, and CBT techniques to help change patterns of thinking and behaving. App users compare Sober Grid to Facebook with a content feed that can add an additional level of support with supportive staff and fellow app users.

Recovery Path

The Recovery Path app is designed for people in recovery, their sponsors and treatment team, and family and friends. Here, people can find nearby meeting locations and learn coping strategies and trigger management. Every day, Recovery Path delivers motivation, inspiration, and rewards for progress. Other features include a quick daily check-in, a place to create a daily schedule, and a personalized “Places to Avoid” feature. Built on research and great for drug or alcohol addiction, Recovery Path is easy to use and free.


Say “No more” to bad habits with the Nomo sobriety tracking app. People can track the number of sober days with the Nomo counter and take advantage of other features such as the encouragement wall and complete mini-exercises to refocus. The app also features accountability partners users can connect with and send private check-in messages. And best of all, Nomo is completely free, but users can donate if that’s something that works for them.

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Published by Hazelden, an organization supporting addiction recovery, the Twenty-Four Hours app offers daily 12-step meditations, AA thoughts, and prayers at the touch of a finger. Taken from the book of the same title, Twenty-Four Hours a Day offers men and women guidance and support during recovery from drugs and alcohol. Twenty-Four Hours a day is completely free and available for download on a smartphone or other electronic device.

Sobriety Apps for Addiction

Men and women on their recovery journey can gain support and get the tools they need for long-lasting sobriety in a number of places. From in-person to online meetings to digital apps, more and more people can access addiction recovery tools in a way that works best for them.

For those who need more intensive addiction recovery support and treatment, an outpatient drug and alcohol rehab program in combination with a sobriety app may be a more effective choice.

If you would like to learn more about outpatient substance abuse and addiction treatment for drugs and/or alcohol, get in touch with the compassionate team at Pura Vida Recovery Services. Your call is confidential and we can assess your needs and determine if an intensive outpatient treatment program is a good fit for you.