How to Find the Right Sober Living Home: A Guide for Those in Recovery

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Finding the right sober living home can be a critical component of a successful recovery, especially if your current living conditions are not supportive of recovery. Sober living homes provide a safe, supportive environment for individuals in recovery and help them maintain their sobriety.

If you are considering transitioning to a sober living home, this means that you are taking your recovery seriously. However, with so many sober living options out there, it can be challenging to know how to find the right fit for you.

Let’s discuss in more detail what a sober living home is, what you can expect from this type of living and how to find the right program for your needs.

What is a Sober Living House?

A sober living house, also known as a sober living home or sober house, is a residential facility that provides a substance-free living environment. It’s a transitional living arrangement for those who have completed a formal addiction treatment program and need additional support and structure to maintain their sobriety.

Sober living houses typically require residents to follow certain rules and guidelines, such as abstaining from substances, attending support groups and contributing to household chores. The purpose of having these rules is to foster a sense of community and prepare individuals for taking on more responsibility in the real world.

There are many different types of sober living houses, and Pura Vida Recovery is proud to offer a variety of options. Our sober houses are located in quiet, upscale neighborhoods in Santa Rosa CA. On average, residents stay for 8 months. You can find more information on our FAQ page.

Tips for Finding the Best Sober Living House for Your Needs

Here at Pura Vida Recovery, we care about you and we want you to get better! Whether you choose one of our sober living houses or a different house, we want you to be informed on your options and make the best decision for your recovery.

Below are some tips for finding the best sober house for your needs.


The location of a sober living home is an important consideration. You’ll want to find a sober house that is in a safe and quiet neighborhood so that you can maintain your recovery while having the opportunity to transition into society.

You’ll also want to consider the convenience aspect. Do you plan to work or go to school while in sober housing? If so, you’ll want to choose a location that isn’t too far of a drive. You may also prefer a location that is close to family so that you feel more connected and engaged with them.

Staff Members

The staff at a sober living home should be trained, qualified and experienced in addiction recovery. Ask about the staff-to-resident ratio and what qualifications the team members have.

At Pura Vida Recovery, we have a supportive and responsive sober living team that consists of multiple house managers, an operations manager and a program coordinator. You can learn about them here! Some of our team members are even in recovery themselves, so they can offer a deeper level of understanding.

Structure and Routine

The structure of a sober house can vary. Some homes are highly structured while others are more relaxed. Consider what type of structure would be most beneficial to your recovery. Do you need more accountability or are you mostly self-motivated?

No matter which sober house you live in, you will have rules to follow and responsibilities to maintain. For example, you’ll be required to pitch in with household chores, attend our meetings and work a program of recovery, such as AA or NA.

Amenities and Services

Consider what amenities and services are offered by the sober living home. For example, does it offer transportation, job placement assistance or counseling? These additional services can help support your journey and provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

Pura Vida Recovery’s sober housing offers a range of amenities and services to make your transition easier. For instance, you can bring your car, but we also provide transportation to/from our treatment facility and 1:1 counseling appointments via Lyft or Uber.

Additionally, we give our residents the essentials they need to live comfortably, including:

  • Pots and pans
  • Linens and towels
  • Washer and dryer
  • Laundry and cleaning supplies
  • Utilities
  • Cable and internet
  • Coffee and creamer

You will be responsible for bringing your own food, clothing and toiletries.


The cost of a sober living house is an important consideration. Make sure you understand the cost to live in the home and what it includes. Some sober living houses even offer scholarships or financial assistance programs, so be sure to ask about these options if cost is a concern.

Sober Living in Santa Rosa CA

Finding the right sober living home can take time and research, but it’s worth the effort. Remember, the goal is to find a supportive and safe environment where you can maintain your sobriety and succeed in your recovery journey. To learn more about the men’s, women’s and coed sober living housing available through Pura Vida Recovery, contact our coordinators today.