How Aftercare Programs Can Support the Recovery Process

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Aftercare programs provide ongoing support after completion of a drug and/or alcohol rehab treatment program. These programs help men and women maintain their sobriety and can help the transition to sober living within the safety net of continued treatment and support.

The length of time in aftercare highly depends on a person’s needs and may be as little as a few months up to a year or more. Many find the added support of an aftercare program essential in maintaining sobriety and enjoy the added benefits these programs can provide. The following lists some of the ways aftercare programs help individuals in their recovery journey.

Benefits of Aftercare Programs

Aftercare programs for drug and/or alcohol addiction can help people stay on track with their sobriety and provide a support network while creating new habits and routines. The largest gains people can expect from aftercare programs include relapse prevention, life skills training, and access to community resources.

Relapse Prevention

Returning home from rehab can feel overwhelming and the sense of freedom can increase the risk of relapse. An aftercare program can provide a needed preventative measure and lessen the chance of relapse.

Life Skills Training

New, healthy routines can seem foreign at first and some feel unsure of where to begin. Life skills training can help in a variety of ways. These include day-to-day responsibilities, such as planning and budgeting finances, time management, shopping and cooking, and communication skills. Life skills can help ease stress and give people control over their life.

Access to Community Resources

Many men and women who struggle with addiction also experience other issues such as joblessness, legal problems, housing insecurity, and need ongoing mental health care. Aftercare programs can provide resources and help individuals maintain sobriety while transitioning from an intensive drug and/or alcohol rehab program. This can be especially helpful for those with a limited support system.

5 Types of Aftercare Programs

Ongoing care following rehab can take several forms, and people can find one or more that suits their individual needs. Below, you can find out more about the different types of aftercare programs.

Sober Living

Sober Living homes provide a structured housing environment for those who prefer a more stable housing environment while transitioning from an alcohol or drug rehab program. Here, people can find a high level of support and live among a like-minded family. Housemates share responsibilities, such as cleaning and cooking, as well as attend regular meetings.

12-step Meetings

Community based 12-step groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) can provide some added structure to the routine and offer support. AA and NA meetings are free. Many communities also offer group programs and classes. These may be found at community recreation centers or mental health centers.

Group or Individual Counseling

When leaving the structured environment of an intensive in or outpatient drug or alcohol treatment program, ongoing therapy or counseling can help you along the path of recovery with evidence-based techniques that can help continued growth in sobriety.

Alumni Programs

Many in and outpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs offer continued care after completion of their program. This gives people the opportunity to strengthen their motivation during recovery within a familiar environment and treatment team.

Creating an Aftercare Plan

If in rehab, you can work with your treatment team and create a personalized aftercare plan. Some things you may want to consider include, any co-occurring disorders and medical needs, medication needs, a list of social supports at home, work, or school, substance misused, housing and employment needs, and a daily schedule including work and personal commitments and meetings or activities to support sobriety.

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