Fear of Missing Out

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Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is a real thing and can affect just about anyone. This perception of others living a great life filled with adventure and fun can affect how we perceive our own life. This fear can create undue envy, added stress that we don’t measure up, and dissatisfaction with life.

That feeling of “missing out” can happen during recovery, and it’s likely more common than you might think. It can sneak up when you decline an invitation to a party where you know drugs and alcohol will be present or scrolling through fantastic images on social media and feel like you’re sitting on the sidelines.

FOMO can get out of hand, but there are ways you can wrangle those feelings of missing out back in. The following provides ways you can deal with the fear of missing out and focus on being present in the here and now.

5 Ways to Overcome FOMO

FOMO can make a person feel lonely and out of place. Add that to focusing on sobriety, and it can feel downright discouraging. Below, you can find ways to deal with these feelings and continue your recovery journey with a good mindset.

Limit social media

Limitations on social media are not just for kids. Too much scrolling is really bad for the health and only makes FOMO worse.

We’re not recommending deleting all of your social media accounts, but take the posts with a grain of salt and remember everyone has good and bad days.

Keep a journal

We’ve all heard it before… keep a journal. But journaling can help a lot. Make it how you like and include things like your personal goals, achievements, and a grateful list.

Sometimes, when we get stuck in our head, it can be difficult to remember how awesome we truly are. When we put the pen to paper, we can retrieve all the ways we have got to where we are today and feel grateful.

Create experiences

How you spend your time is much more valuable than how others spend theirs. Instead of FOMO, create your own experiences that align with your values and goals.

Creating your own healthy and sober experiences can help build new hobbies and interests which can strengthen sobriety.

Evaluate the meaning of fun

Late night parties and bars may sound fun, but think back and really think… Was it all that fun? It can be a struggle to think otherwise during recovery. However, nights or days with drugs and alcohol costs money, can hurt relationships, and not to mention, leave you feeling sick and hungover.

When feeling left out, reconsider the meaning of fun and how that relates to your new life free from drugs and alcohol. This new life offers much greater freedom and opportunities for fun.

Practice JOMO

FOMO’s rebellious cousin JOMO simply means “Joy of Missing Out”. Life is already hectic, fast-paced, and at times, a real cutthroat business. When we take joy in missing out, we can slow down the pace and enjoy what’s right in front of us.

Granting ourselves permission to let go of the constant comparison and thinking “what if…” or “I should…” can really liberate the mind and allow us to truly engage with what brings us joy.

Finding Joy in Missing Out

Finding joy in our everyday life is a possibility for everyone. At Pura Vida, we help men and women struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction rediscover joy.

We offer an evidence-based treatment program and instill a sense of community and fun. Our services include medical detox, partial hospitalization, intensive day treatment, and after care.

People who complete our program of recovery can also take advantage of the structure provided in our sober living homes. Residents can build relationships in a safe environment and enjoy regular social events and outings. Similar to a family dynamic, residents take part in regular household activities, group dining, and community.

To learn more about the programs offered, get in touch with our team online or by phone. We can provide a confidential assessment and determine if Pura Vida is the right fit for you.