Cheers to a Clean Cause

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Truly something you can raise your glass, or rather can, for. CLEAN Cause Yerba Mate beverage company out of Austin, TX donates 50% of its net profits to support individuals in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. The monies go toward sober living scholarships that help individuals in recovery establish a clean way of living and find employment in a supportive and structured environment.

CLEAN Cause founder, Wes Hurt, is an entrepreneur and launched a caffeine packed, flavorful beverage. In recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, Hurt commits his time to building a brand that supports the recovery community. With 8 delicious organic flavors, 160 mg of natural caffeine, and zero or low calories, Hurt gives consumers a drink they can feel good about.

A Clean Partnership for Change

Recently, artist, rapper, and Grammy Award-winning Macklemore joined CLEAN Cause as their newest Creative Director and investor. Ben Haggerty, aka Macklemore, has been open about his personal issues with substance misuse, and shows enthusiasm and excitement about the partnership with the brand. Taking his first drink at the age of 14, Macklemore spiraled and abused OxyContin, drank heavily, smoked “a ton of weed”, and lost his will to live. Inpatient treatment and 12-step meetings helped in his journey to recovery, but he understands recovery isn’t as easy as showing up at meetings. It’s a daily effort, and he knows the damage of relapse.

Creating awareness and supporting the recovery community is something of a passion project, and Macklemore goes on to say on the company website, “Together, our goal is to inspire and educate individuals on addiction and support those who are in recovery.”

New Campaign Initiatives

With the increase in drug-related deaths since the start of the COVID pandemic, the partnership hopes to bring a fresh perspective and broaden awareness about the impact of addiction. According to the American Medical Association CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, 275 Americans die every day from drug-related causes. The CLEAN Cause founder and Macklemore are committed to bring awareness to the drug overdose and substance abuse epidemic. Some campaign initiatives expected include new digital content, new music and creative direction, and “Scan the Can” where consumers can access exclusive content through a QR Code.

Support for a Life in Recovery

Sober living houses provide a safe, supportive environment following addiction recovery programs. For many, sober houses help improve independent living and prevent relapse. This type of transitional housing holds residents accountable, reduces triggers, and supports individuals as they transition back into society sober. Many sober living homes require drug and alcohol testing, house meetings, and curfews.

The CLEAN Cause scholarship program provides need-based funding that helps people live a life in recovery. People can answer a series of questions and apply for a scholarship. They allocate the funds across the United States and don’t deny anyone based on their answers to the questions. Answers are kept confidential and not shared with anyone so applicants can keep their anonymity. To date, CLEAN Cause has granted 2,996 Sober Living Scholarships.

Drink to This

Whether in recovery or a conscious brand consumer, CLEAN Cause helps improve the lives of people across the United States struggling with addiction. To anyone living in recovery, to anyone who has lost someone in recovery, to anyone who wants to live in recovery, to anyone who wants to support people in recovery-drink to this.

Sober Living in Santa Rosa, CA

Pura Visa provides structured sober living to help improve outcomes during recovery. The community sober living housing in Santa Rosa CA provides a living environment that fosters accountability and self-discipline without distractions and unnecessary stress so people can focus their attention on their recovery.

With an average stay of 8 months, men and women can work or go to school and return to a caring, supportive environment. Residents can enjoy comradery with roommates and social events and outings.

To learn more about Pura Vida recovery services and sober living housing, get in touch and speak with our sober living coordinator. To help remove financial barriers, we accept scholarship applications, including CLEAN Cause as well as provide affordable financial payment options.