A List of the Best Sober Podcasts

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Sober podcasts are great tools for the recovery journey. And far from boring, sobriety-themed podcasts feature relatable hosts and guests and spark meaningful conversations about what it means to be sober. Sobriety has many turns and ups and downs. This sharing helps build a sense of community. From discussions about insecurities and fear of missing out to loneliness and juggling parenting responsibilities, there’s a podcast for just about every situation. Below you can find a collection of sober podcasts worth tuning into.

10 Drug and Alcohol Addiction Podcasts

Drug and Alcohol addiction podcasts are worth a listen at any stage during recovery. As an additional support tool, podcasts became increasingly popular during the pandemic and continue gaining new listeners. The following are some favorite sober podcasts to check out.

The Way Out Podcast

Hosts Charles Levoir and Jason Rudeen are long time recoverees from alcoholism and addiction. As trained recovery coach professionals, Charles and Jason know the importance of sharing stories and building community. The Way Out podcast shares powerful recovery topics and stories so other can feel inspired and enhance their recovery process.

That Sober Guy

From a young age, host Shane Ramer struggled with substance use disorders. That Sober Guy podcast offers a community to help men quit drinking and find greater purpose in the lives. With over 2 million listeners, Shane has built a strong community for men who question how alcohol affects their lives.

Recovery Happy Hour

Sober since 2016, host Tricia Lewis shares inspiring stories of life beyond drug and alcohol abuse and misuse, and how life can give greater joy while sober. She stands behind a strong support system throughout recovery and produces and hosts a weekly episode for people to tune in and know they’re not alone in the process.

Sober Life Radio

Sober Life Radio is a weekly show hosted by alcohol and substance abuse counselors, Joel and Carrie. In recovery themselves, Joel and Carrie break stigma and encourage conversation to spread awareness and provide the resources people need to break free from addiction.

The Bubble Hour

Coined after the safe and happy “bubble” we form in recovery, blogger and author Jean McCarthy hosts The Bubble Hour podcast and explores the recovery journey and how life can look with drinking.

Seltzer Squad

Tired of barhopping? That’s what inspired two friends and the hosts of the Seltzer Squad podcast. Jes Valentine and Kate Zander gave up drinking for seltzer and talk about getting sober in the city. The podcast is down to earth and a space for hanging out with others seeking and maintaining sobriety.


Recovery experts Veronica Valli and Chip Somers celebrate 50 years of sobriety and bring over 200 episodes, discussing a variety of sober topics, insights, and special guests. Soberful is for anyone struggling with alcohol misuse disorder and a want to living a sober life.

This Naked Mind Podcast

Annie Grace is the host and bestselling author of the book by the same name. She invites people who question their relationship with alcohol to take on a 30-day challenge termed The Alcohol Experience. As host of This Naked Mind podcast, Annie discusses common and rarely talked about topics, such as how we and society at large romanticize alcohol. Through massive scientific research and finding recovery for herself, Annie invites you to question your relationship with alcohol.


Dopey is an edgy podcast which originally focused on the debauchery of drug use. Following the relapse and overdose death of co-host Chris, Dopey brought in what was considered boring and avoided… stories of recovery. Today, Dopey still brings the dark humor it’s long known for, as well as celebrity and unknown guests who share their stories about addiction.

The Addicted Mind Podcast

For those with a preference for the latest research and treatment methods, the Addicted Mind podcast can help people understand addiction from a more theoretical approach. Episodes explore addiction compassionatly and delve into the experience of others. The host, Duane Osterlind, knows the value of early intervention and how strong support, new skills, and understanding how addiction happens can bring hope to those struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction.

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