A Day in the Life of a Drug and Alcohol Counselor

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I work at a drug and alcohol treatment center in Santa Rosa, California. On any given day there will be a new intake. What does that mean, you ask? I sit down with the new client and we talk about their substance abuse history or any other situations that led the client to become addicted to a substance. After the intake is complete, we have a meeting of the clinical treatment staff to decide which counselor would best be suited for the new client. After a quick lunchbreak I would then begin to prepare for a group counseling session. These sessions may be specific to certain behaviors exhibited by addicts or alcoholics or be focused on processing emotions or feelings that are new to those in recovery. After the group session, there may be an individual session where a client would meet one on one with a drug and alcohol counselor like myself to talk about their addiction or family concerns or what the client wants to do about their addiction and how we can help. After said sessions are complete, this counselor likes to retire with a hot meal and a good book.

Matthew Winters RADT-1