Kate Jehue CADC-I

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With a decade of experience in the field of addiction and recovery, our Program Director Kate is a compassionate and dedicated professional. Known for her authenticity, humor, and directness – she brings a unique approach to helping individuals on their path to recovery.

From both professional and personal experience, Kate truly understands the challenges and complexities that individuals face when making the big decision to seek recovery. She firmly believes in building genuine connections with clients and creating a safe space for them to explore their journey in pursuit of meaningful change, and towards a healthier life of recovery. She is fondly known for utilizing humor as a means of breaking down barriers and fostering a comfortable environment. By incorporating laughter into the treatment setting, she supports clients in navigating difficult topics with greater ease and openness.

Throughout her career, Kate has supported individuals from all walks of life, guiding them towards lasting recovery. She is committed to making a difference by helping clients reclaim their lives and rediscover their true potential by making sure every client who walks through our doors is seen, heard, and given the care and support they truly deserve.