Grad House

The Graduate House combines the accountability and structure of sober living, with loosened requirements that allow clients to focus on school, work, family, and relationships to a greater degree than is possible in typical sober living. Grad House clients agree to attend fewer meetings every week, have fewer house meetings, later curfew, and expanded overnight allowances. Grad House clients still agree to random drug and daily alcohol testing.

After 6 months in typical sober living and meeting certain recovery goals clients are encouraged to apply if they are ready.  Readiness is based on the application by the client and input from their current house manager.

We acknowledge that Sober Living can be inconvenient at times, but that it’s benefits far outweigh its inconvenience and it leads to the best outcome. To our great satisfaction it has been proven to us that, like successful individuals in any endeavor, our clients actually desire structure and realize the benefits of accountability, even as they move towards a life outside sober living.

Rinaldo House

563 Rinaldo St.
Santa Rosa, CA 95409