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A critical piece of recovering from drug addiction is the living environment. Researchers in the 60s and 70s encouraged patients to seek further recovery by staying away from spaces that encouraged substance abuse. This trend led to the massive formation of halfway houses and sober living homes, where patients would reside after outpatient treatment.

Reasons to stay in a sober living home today

Recovery is a life-long commitment with a lot of challenges. Most people who choose sober living homes understand that the halfway houses have many difficulties like limited stays and less stringent rules; hence, it does not offer a sufficient space to heal and rebuild your identity. Our sober living home involves a level of commitment that is not available in the halfway house so that you can immerse your mind into the actual context of treatment and rediscovery of self.

Who should join the sober living home?

The sober living home offers a comforting structure and housing for people undergoing recovery. Most times, we take in people who just left the residential rehab program and need the comprehensive addiction treatment program to get a firm hold of their new mind and lifestyle.

What to expect from a sober living home

Our sober living in Thousand Oaks does not offer the same formal treatments as normal rehabs. The space offers a traditional living space so that patients can enjoy the living quarters as they would in their usual home. Read through to understand what to expect from living in Bloom Recovery’s sober living home.

Benefits of choosing a sober living home

You will be held accountable

We expect residents in our facilities to maintain their sobriety and cater to the indicated living expenses. The good news is that expenses are generally affordable because we want patients to find a haven as they transition into life-long sobriety.

Our facility expects candidates to be responsible for their wellbeing by keeping up with all expected hygiene standards unless they have some handicap complication. Expect to clean up yourself, the room regularly, or as per the management’s format. Some houses have a group rotation basis for residents to handle the cooking, washing, cleaning up, and shopping, among other chores, depending on the facility’s regulations.

Available treatment

Residents must continue treatment in a sober living home and produce proof of their treatment programs upon request. We maintain the same treatment programs as most outpatient programs, such as counseling and therapy programs.

We have rules

Residents in sober living homes have rules that help regulate different behaviors and help with adjusting to the new life. We have rules regarding many different topics, including the following:

  • Visitation into your room
  • The curfew durations
  • The maximum time you can stay in the home
  • Aggressive behaviors
  • Items you can bring or keep in the living quarters

What should you look for when choosing a sober living in Thousand Oaks? We are available 24/7 to help you understand more about our facility and arrange a visitation so you can gather the general atmosphere. Contact us online or call 805-248-3473 // 818-462-1910 for more information.

sober living Thousand Oaks

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