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Skilled nursing and wound care from a reputable rehabilitation facility are two of the most important aspects of rehab. These services ensure patients receive the level of medical care they need for fast and complete recovery. Our rehabilitation hospital in Butte MT, offers skilled nursing and wound care as part of the integral services to our patients. What’s more, our multidisciplinary team at Cooper Ridge is dedicated to delivering optimal, customized care to all our patients.

Skilled Nursing Services

Skilled nursing refers to medical care that’s provided by licensed nurses in nursing facilities or rehabilitation hospitals. Examples of needs that require skilled nursing services include tube feedings, rehabilitation, or a fast-changing health status.

Patients who might have a health status that changes rapidly are individuals who’ve developed a serious illness or accident victims. People who have had strokes and post-surgery patients often need rehabilitation to recover. Rehabilitation hospitals have residential facilities where patients can access skilled nursing services 24/7.

What is Wound Care?

This refers to the treatment given to help in the healing of wounds. Wound care is necessary to prevent infections, which can be detrimental to the healing of injured tissue. Services offered in wound care include:

  • Monitoring any signs of swelling, discharge, or smell. These can be useful indications of the condition of the wound and aid professionals in deciding the next step to take in treatment.
  • Cleaning and dressing of the wound to minimize the risk of bacterial infections. Disinfectants, clean bandages, and clean water are used each time for maximum hygiene.
  • Antibiotic ointments can be prescribed to reduce the amount of scarring that occurs as part of the healing process. This prevents the formation of scabs that many may find unsightly.

Why is Your Wound Taking Long to Heal?

The following are reasons why your wound might be taking too long to heal:

  • Conditions Such as Diabetes – High blood sugar levels cause poor blood circulation, cutting off blood supply to the wounded part. This affects wound healing, as important nutrients and cells are unable to reach damaged tissue to facilitate healing.
  • Poor Diet – Some foods which are rich in nutrients such as zinc and vitamin A promote wound healing. Lack of balanced meals that include the right amount of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and protein can delay healing.
  • Weak Immune System – If your immunity is weak, your body will have a difficult time developing a mechanism to allow the healing of tissues or fighting off infections. This leads to delayed healing.

If your wound takes longer than expected to heal, you should seek medical attention for wound care treatment. This helps to avoid bone infection, which can lead to amputation or septic shock, which is life-threatening.

Better and Faster Recovery

The recovery process can be a delicate journey, and the success of your surgery highly depends on post-surgery care. Taking care of yourself at home can be difficult, especially when you’re in pain. Fortunately, you can receive all the support you need from our highly skilled nurses and dedicated staff at our rehabilitation hospital in Butte MT. Call us today on (406) 723-3225 for more information about our services.

Rehabilitation Hospital Butte Mt

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Rehabilitation Hospital Butte Mt

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