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One hundred million people in the United States have chronic pain, according to the Institute of Medicine. We do not discriminate on the kind of a pain because there is rarely ever one concentrated pain. It manifests in many different ways and will often have an emotional aspect, even when the symptom is physical. Here is what to expect from the pain clinic near me.

Types of pain we treat with chiropractic care after a car accident

Emotional pain

Psychologists are experts who help with behaviors and feelings that cause mental and emotional pain. We focus on emotional issues like depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

Our auto accident chiropractor discusses the physical and emotional health so you can record your triggers from another person’s view. The chiropractor for auto accident injuries has a comprehensive understanding and will quickly help you develop a suitable treatment plan. You will soon develop ways to challenge awkward thoughts and create a new pattern. Eventually, you will have an easy way of making lifestyle changes, so you never need our services as frequently and intensely as the first encounter.

Neck and back pain

Home interventions are not enough to treat back and neck pain. It helps to see a physical therapist to treat abnormal posture and recurrent conditions. A majority of people benefit from manipulation exercises to restore movement and relieve muscle tension.

Our team performs evaluations to assess how well you move your neck. You may have to answer a couple of questions about numbness, tingling sensations, and other potential issues. The chiropractor will also check joints surrounding the affected area so you can determine dysfunctions and limitations. 

Extremity pain

The pain is expected when one overuses the affected bones, tendons, muscles, and joints. The key to understanding the pain depends on diagnosing specific points, like thighs, hips, legs, ankles, and lower joints. Our physical therapy options focus on treating painful extremities through physical therapy. All pain types will have different treatment programs. The most conventional methods include:

  • Medication
  • Massage
  • Exercise

FMC takes your pain complaints seriously. We know the overbearing effects of both emotional and physical pain and how they affect one another. The treatment plan will be custom to increase your quality of life fast. The state of the art techniques includes actual medication, holistic care, and counseling to manage extremity pain.

Why choose our treatment models?


What can you expect with the benefits of chiropractic care after a car accident? Rigorous and robust research is the foundation of the pain clinic near me. Studies show that it is not prudent to use therapy options that may cause more harm. Our implementation process allows therapists to improve the outcome in the shortest time possible significantly.

Physical fitness

The best therapists believe in using fire to treat fire. Participating in physical therapy is the only way to inspire your body to regain its original state. Physical therapy is a natural and risk-free method of long-term relief.

Pain is different no matter the similarity of the ailment. We will get to the root of the issue and advise on the best treatment option to discuss a proper pain alleviation program. Reach out to the chiropractor near me on (305) 306-1557 to learn how best to solve pain within a reasonable time.


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