Body Sculpting Miami

Elevate Miami is a top-rated clinic for body sculpting in Miami working with a highly experienced team of professionals. We help improve your body image by removing stubborn fats in certain areas of your body using the most advanced treatments and technology.

Does body sculpting actually work?

Body sculpting is a cosmetic treatment relying on killing fat cells in targeted areas and allowing you to attain a slim and sleek appearance. The procedure eliminates fat cells via heat, cooling, or ultrasound technology, allowing your body to burn them out in 6 – 9 weeks. Individuals ideally witness optimal results within 2-3 months after their body sculpting session.

One of the best parts about body sculpting procedure is that it destroys the targeted fat cells for good. You no longer need to worry about those cells re-appearing in those areas in the future unless you gain a significant amount of weight. You can easily prevent that by adopting a healthier workout routine, combined with optimized diets every day.

Benefits of cool sculpting

Unlike a diet, exercise, or other weight loss therapies, body sculpting destroys fat cells rather than shrinking them. This means that you will experience better, longer-lasting results.

Our body sculpting in Miami is an FDA-approved procedure with no serious side-effects, risks, or complications. More importantly, this procedure does not affect or compromise your skin barrier while destroying the fat cells beneath and does not result in infection or scarring.

Types of body sculpting treatments

There are different technologies and treatments available for body contouring. Here are some of the most common types of contouring procedures:

  • CoolSculpting – It is an FDA-approved treatment that freezes the fat cells in a targeted body part and destroys them forever. Your body expels the dead fat cells within 2-3 months, after which you can witness the full results. You can maintain the results as long as you maintain a healthy weight.
  • WarmSculpting – WarmSculpting uses heat to kill fat cells. We target the fat cells in a certain area in your body and use heat-based energy to trim them down. It is an FDA approved treatment, allowing you to witness relevant results in 8-9 weeks after treatment once your body eliminates the dead fat cells.
  • UltraShape – UltraShape uses ultrasound energy to destroy fat cells with outstanding long-term results. You will require a minimum of three treatment sessions to attain visible results, and you may have to wait for a minimum of 2-3 months after treatment to witness full results.

If you’re looking to bring your body in peak shape, our professionals are ready for the task. Give us a call at 305-359-5569 to schedule a consultation for body sculpting in Miami. Elevate Miami is a preeminent treatment facility for body contouring, PRP therapy, IV nutritional therapy, and various other wellness treatments. We bring you modern and advanced therapies and body sculpting procedures that will reshape your body fast with long-term results.

Body Sculpting Miami