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Alcohol Treatment Bakersfield

Alcohol abuse is a psychological disorder that requires outpatient rehab treatment or intensive outpatient addiction treatment depending on the severity of the addiction. The afflicted adults struggle to control when and how much alcohol they consume. This preoccupation with drinking interferes with daily life. It is associated with undesirable outcomes such as depression, financial ruin, career and family losses, and poor mental and physical health. Thankfully, treatment for alcohol abuse is available in a substance abuse treatment center. The treatment involves removing the physical and psychological dependence on alcohol and successfully reintegrating the patient into society. The best treatment facilities for drug and alcohol addictions use a combination of traditional and modern approaches to rehabilitation.

The first step towards recovery from alcohol is acknowledging the problem. An admission of helplessness prepares the sufferer mentally to be more accepting of help. Overcoming the addiction takes a high level of personal commitment. The work continues even after sobriety is achieved.

Treatment received at a treatment center is statistically more successful because a support system surrounds the addict at all times. The programs offered look to correct the physical harm experienced by the body and the mental disruption and behavior patterns that led to addiction.

The Process


After checking in to the rehabilitation centers either voluntarily or as a result of circumstance, the first step is admission. It is an administrative process to sort out the financing of the treatment and stay. No material possessions or drugs are allowed into the centers. It is at the admissions point that the reality of the process takes hold. Care is exercised to ensure the patient is as responsive and as comfortable as possible.


Medical staff establishes the substance the patient is addicted to, the history of the addiction, and their physical and mental status. This initial assessment sets the pace for what the particular individual will require to ensure their recovery is successful.


Alcohol addiction harms the body, and alcohol metabolites have to be removed from the body through detox. It is at this step where the withdrawal symptoms are addressed. It is a medically supervised process that involves administering different medications to mitigate the symptoms. Once the symptoms reduce or subside, cravings are suppressed through the use of disulfiram. It is a drug that interferes with the metabolism of acetaldehyde- the byproduct produced after alcohol is broken down. If any alcohol is consumed, the drug takes effects such as flushing, tachycardia, headaches, sweating, nausea, and vomiting being experienced not long after. It effectively diminishes any desire to consume alcohol.

In-patient care

In-patient management in alcohol treatment allows the patient to receive the full extent of care from medical professionals. Throughout the stay, they are taught more about their addiction and their triggers. They learn more about themselves, their reasons for drinking, and how to dissociate themselves from alcohol altogether. They are taught various skills and habits that will be invaluable once they leave the program. Individual and group therapy sessions often happen, with family and friends joining in later in the recovery. Others such as music and animal therapies can be integrated if they result in more positive outcomes.

After treatment is completed and the patient leaves the best drug and alcohol rehab near me, they are encouraged to join support groups such as AA and get sponsors to ensure they maintain their new way of life, free from alcohol addiction.

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Alcohol Treatment Bakersfield

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Alcohol Treatment Bakersfield

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