Alcohol Intervention San Francisco

It’s become evident that you need a new plan in place to encourage a family member to get help for an addiction to alcohol. When conventional methods fail, call The Plan to implement an alcohol intervention in San Francisco. We have all the resources and knowledge necessary to turn your loved one’s situation around. San Francisco intervention services often make the difference between an addict deciding to get help or continue in destructive behaviors. Continue to explore our website for more information about our agency.

We Plan Effective Alcohol Addiction Interventions

Don’t be discouraged to learn that even under the best of circumstances, some recovery efforts require a kickstart to get them underway- that’s where The Plan comes into play. We work with your family and with family friends to get everyone on board in understanding each individual’s part in what is to follow. Our process helps to set healthy boundaries, stop supportive behaviors, and develop a real plan of action that will help your loved one take the first steps in their recovery journey; it’s not always easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

Step One- Staging an Intervention

DIY interventions rarely get the kind of results that are life-changing; that’s because it takes a professional to plan and stage an alcohol intervention in San Francisco. If your family knew what methods would work to talk your family member into getting help for an addiction, you would have already exhausted all resources and seen positive results. Our team at The Plan has a high rate of success in achieving the desired results our clients seek; we won’t waste your time or ours when you call our San Francisco, CA alcohol rehab.

Who Can Be Involved in the Intervention?

We encourage all family members and close friends who have been negatively impacted by the behavior of an addict or have something significant to say during the intervention. So often is the case that when an alcoholic is confronted by how destructive their behavior has been, they are at least willing to take a closer look at their actions. An intervention may take some time to yield results, so don’t lose hope if weeks or months go by between the intervention and the decision to seek recovery services.

Intervention Services and Rehab Combined

The Plan is a reputable alcohol rehab & intervention facility where your loved one can receive a full continuum of care, from the successful intervention to case management and sober companioning. If you worry that your family member will relapse shortly after deciding to get help for their addiction, you can have peace of mind that we can offer relapse prevention and ongoing support to keep them on track.

When you’re ready to plan an intervention in San Francisco, call The Plan Case Management to explore Case Management services, sober companioning, Intervention services and Drug Detox Treatment: (805) 335-4646. Our staff is waiting to take your call and provide the information you need to make a sound decision.

Alcohol Intervention San Francisco